Justin was born outside of Houston, Texas, USA, in a village on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. As a student he accelerated in mathematics and art which allowed him to take advanced courses in these subjects, amongst others. After graduating high school he studied at various institutions until finally finishing his studies in the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained an undergraduate degree in mathematics focused on Pure Mathematics. Outside of his major mathematics, he continued to study studio art as well as Russian art and literature. His studies in pure mathematics helped increase his creativity and ability to ¨see things differently.¨ 


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Maria Jose de Santiago Troncoso

Born in Santiago ,Chile. moved to the US at 18 years old started as an Art and Design major and then move to Ithaca, NY, to study architecture and to work for Cornell University. Her passions include metal and acrylics. Specifically working in jewelry. Always basing her rings and accesories on her biological fetich on the mircoscopic world of microbiology, and the 
representation of forms in the anatomical body, geometrical shapes and Chemistry shapes of ecuations.

When she came back to Chile, she decided to explore the nostalgic world of felting and knitting... started with a small handcraft store at the Eco Comunity in Chile and soon then decided that her most passion was to bring old traditional techniques into a more modern world.

 Ian Morgan

Has nearly 20 years experience in producing art and music events around the world, UK / Poland / Holland / New Zealand / Australia / USA / Chile / Colombia / Brazil / Panama

Ian has now turned his creative mind to making a diverse array of art, mosaics, collages, digital. projections and is always interested in trying new techniques. 

Andrea Porras

Industrial designer from Colombia, who has been working for 4 years in the development, management and production of artistic platforms in South / Central America as well as producing artwork, which has been exhibited in Art Exhibitions and design shops across the continent. 

With a variety of different disciplines, Screen Printing, Interventions, Stickers, Prints, Graphic Design, MacroPhotography and a lot experimentation are part of the development of her style.


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